5. Resolve, get out of or reduce exposure to abusive relationships

‘If you are being hit, forced to have sex, or criticised or verbally abused, you must take steps to stop this…’

(Survivor to Thriver: Manual and Workbook for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Who Want to Move-on with Life (California: The Morris Center for Healing from Child Abuse, 1999) 27.)





Housing Associations directory page (at Glasgow City Council’s website)

Some information about renting from a Housing Association in Glasgow and accommodation if you are or may become homeless in Glasgow (from Glasgow City Council)




Domestic Abuse Injunctions


Shelter Scotland’s ‘Taking legal action’ page (at Shelter Scotland’s website)



National Centre for Domestic Violence

‘…a free, fast emergency injunction service to survivors of domestic violence…’

‘An injunction is a powerful court order…that prohibits an abuser from using or threatening violence against you or harassing, pestering or intimidating you. If the order is breached the police can then arrest that person immediately.’