Prolonged and Repeated Abuse within a Relationship/Relationships within a Group


‘Some abusers organise…in groups to abuse children and adults in a more formally ritualised way.’1

  • ‘Some…use complex rituals to terrify, silence and convince victims of the[ir] tremendous power…’2
  • ‘Some…organise…round a religion or faith [-] …the teaching and training of…children…often takes the form of severe and sustained torture and abuse.’3


‘A destructive cult is a group with a hidden agenda of power through deceptive recruitment and complete control of the minds and lives of its members.’4





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RA INFO: Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing (

‘Information and Resources for Survivors…’



End Ritual Abuse (

‘…articles…references to other resources and links to information and support…’





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Where Angels Fear: Ritual Abuse in Scotland by Laurie Matthew (Dundee: Young Women’s Centre, 2002)

paperback edition   Kindle edition

‘…written in plain English and does not sensationalise ritual abuse…’


  • paperback: £15 (new); ISBN: 0-95399-614-X
  • kindle edition: £2.59



Blasphemous Rumours: Is Satanic Ritual Abuse Fact or Fantasy by Andrew Boyd (London: Fount, 1991)

‘Reports persist that children and adults are being systematically abused during rituals with satanic overtones.’


  • paperback: £15 (new), £3.50 (used copy); ISBN: 0-00627-597-4





UK Column videos of interviews with wilfred wong (child abuse campaigner)


Satanic Ritual Abuse (54 minutes)


2nd November 2015  (1 hour)



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4Cult Awareness Network, USA quoted in Andrew Boyd, Blasphemous Rumours: Is Satanic Ritual Abuse Fact or Fantasy (London: Fount, 1991) 74.