1. Information

‘Trauma, Types of Trauma and its Cause/their Causes’

‘Single event trauma’ and ‘Complex trauma’; Other symptoms


‘Complex Trauma Arising out of Prolonged and Repeated Abuse Within a Relationship’

1. Annihilated self-view/concept; 2. Amnesic/unable to remember parts of or most of some or much of past; 3. Distancing from or avoidance; 4. Super/hyper alertness/vigilance; 5. Energy sequestered; 6. Contradictions


‘Trauma and the Body’


‘Uses of Dissociation’



‘Some Suggestions for Working with Trauma and Helping with Flashbacks’


Some Medical/Psychiatric Diagnoses

‘Complex post traumatic stress disorder’ (ICD-11); ‘Post traumatic stress disorder’ (ICD-11); ‘Posttraumatic Stress Disorder’ (DSM 5); ‘Dissociative amnesia’ (ICD-11); ‘Depersonalisation-derealisation disorder’ (ICD-11); ‘Dissociative identity disorder’ (ICD-11)