2. Links to websites

Gift From Within (www.giftfromwithin.org/html/articles-on-ptsd.html)

‘Gift From Within believes that persons with PTSD and related traumatic stress syndromes deserve the same respect and support that individuals and families suffering the impact of cancer, heart disease and stroke receive.’



TraumaDissociation (www.traumadissociation.com)

‘Sharing information about trauma and dissociative disorders.’



MyPTSD (www.myptsd.com)

‘…a global social PTSD hub providing…a place where people understand what you’re going through.’



Pete Walker’s website (www.pete-walker.com/fAQsComplexPTSD.html)

‘…helping adults who were traumatised in childhood, especially those whose repeated exposure to abuse and/or neglect left them with the symptoms of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Cptsd).’



Mosaic Minds (www.mosaicminds.org/reading-room)

‘We believe that those who survived significant trauma in their lives by using dissociation at an early age have demonstrated that their greatest strength lies within themselves.’

‘…where people can share their experiences in living with this condition with others like themselves as well as provide access to literature on the topic of dissociation and allow for comments and critiques of…[it]’



Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors (https://information.pods-online.org.uk/all-articles)

‘…help [to]…find appropriate support and…make recovery from dissociative disorders a reality.’