iii. Encounter groups etc

The Person-Centred Approach Network (www.pcan.info)

‘…exists to provide opportunities for people to experience temporary Person-Centred Communities. The gatherings are not led or facilitated and have no formal structure except for conditions required by the venue eg meals. There is a commitment to creating an environment…where individuals are accepted and valued, where we each strive for empathy and authenticity.’



Encounter Events (www.encounterevents.uk)

‘…established…with the aim of offering a variety of self-structured encounter groups. …hoped…will offer the potential [for]…a more person-centred way of being by having a space to develop greater congruence through our openness to encounter each other and in turn encounter ourselves…’



La Jolla Program (www.lajollaprogram.online)

‘…many of us do not have safe, supportive environments where we can discuss or share our experiences and concerns. The La Jolla Program sponsors gatherings of people asking themselves how to deal with…challenges [‘…such as current and hoped-for relationships, careers, job changes…health…parents, spirituality…’]… … Our goal…is to share, risk and learn to build sage and supportive personal and social environments together.’





Association for the Development of the Person Centered Approach (www.adpca.org)

‘…an international network of individuals who support the development and application of the person-centered approach. …welcomes…all persons who are interested in the field of human relations and personal and interpersonal development’