1. Online communities

Forums/discussion boards


isurvive (https://isurvive.org/join-our-forum)

‘…resources and forums where adult survivors of child abuse and their loved ones can seek support.’



Help for Adult Victims of Child Abuse (https://www.havoca.org/resources/forum)

‘…friendship, support and advice for adults who have been affected by child abuse.’



MyPTSD (www.myptsd.com)

‘…a global social PTSD hub providing…a place where people understand what you’re going through.’



Out of the Storm (www.cptsd.org/forum)

‘…information…about Complex PTSD…’



Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis Centre Survivor Forum (www.glasgowclyderapecrisis.org.uk/content/forum)

‘…peer support to women and girls aged 13 and over who have experiences of rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse.’



Mosaic Minds (www.mosaicminds.org/about-forums)

‘We believe that those who survived significant trauma in their lives by using dissociation at an early age have demonstrated that their greatest strength lies within themselves.’

‘…where people can share their experiences in living with this condition with others like themselves as well as provide access to literature on the topic of dissociation and allow for comments and critiques of…[it]’



Ritual Abuse Network Scotland (www.rans.org.uk/survivors-private-forum)

‘…information and a safe place to talk for survivors of ritual abuse.’






We Are Survivors (www.edcinstitute.org/we-are-survivors.html)

‘…dedicated to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us.’



Help for Adult Victims of Child Abuse (https://www.havoca.org/resources/blog)



C PTSD – A Way Out (www.ptsdawayout.com/menu-offered)

‘…daily support of Complex PTSD. … Daily short posts, ideas, facts and inspiration are the goals I strive to bring forward.’






me too. (www.metoomvmt.org)

‘…helping those who need it…find entry points for individual healing and galvanising a broad base of survivors to disrupt the systems that allow for the global proliferation of sexual violence.’

‘…a global community of survivors from all walks of life…’