Workbooks mainly on Approaching Feelings/Memories and Integration

A Gift To Myself: A Personal Workbook and Guide to Healing The Child Within by Charles Whitfield (Florida: Health Communications, 1990)

‘…specific guidelines and exercises for getting free of the chains of co-dependence and having grown up in a dysfunctional family.’


  • approximately: £12 (new), £4.50 (used copy); ISBN: 1-55874-042-2




Soul Survivors: A New Beginning for Adults Abused as Children by Patrick Gannon

paper/hardback edition (New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1992) ebook (pdf, Kindle, epub etc) edition (California: Epiphany, 2013)

‘…encouragement for today’s adults [‘sexually, physically or mentally abused as children’] to help themselves overcome the impact of their tragic childhoods’


  • paperback/hardback approximately: £5.00 (used copy); ISBN: 0-13826-140-7
  • ebook approximately: £4.50


Adult Survivors of Child Abuse program workbook version: Survivor to Thriver: Manual and Workbook for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Who Want to Move-on with Life (California: The Morris Center for Healing from Child Abuse, 1999)

Free download (formats: pdf, Kindle, epub) Free web book




I Can’t Get Over It: A Handbook for Trauma Survivors by Aphrodite Matsakis (California: New Harbinger, 1996)

‘…explains the nature of PTSD and describes the healing process.’


  • approximately: £16.50 (new), £5 (used copy); ISBN: 1-57224-058-X